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Comets and asteroids – spot the difference

The images that comets and asteroids bring to mind are quite different – we typically think of comets as being bright objects with long tails, and asteroids as being dead lumps of rock. But in fact at closer inspection the … Continue reading

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Granular simulations using LIGGGHTS

As promised in my last blog entry, having talked a little about why I am interested in simulating granular material (i.e. materials made up of distinct particles), I want to talk a little now about some of the tools I’m … Continue reading

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Cometary nuclei and granular material

One of my current research interests is in low gravity regoliths, and in particular the dynamics of ice and dust particles in the upper layers of a cometary nucleus. One of the main reasons for this is preparation for the … Continue reading

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Nice video summary of the Rosetta mission

Although Rosetta is primarily a European Space Agency mission, it also has US involvement, and NASA has recently released a nice video about the encounter: As the video says, the spacecraft, lander and all instruments are currently in hibernation, since … Continue reading

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