In search of the perfect academic ebook reader

Although I’m something of a tech¬†aficionado, a finite bank balance and not wanting to buy into the next BetaMax often temper my enthusiasm and am forced to resist jumping on the bandwagon. So it was with ebook readers – I always like the idea of having an electronic text, but my PDAs and phones just didn’t provide a reading experience to match the tactility and focus of a real book.
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Snowshoe hiking

Coming from the UK, and living before Austria in The Netherlands, my experience of winter hiking was pretty poor on arriving here. But I really like the idea of carrying on hiking through the winter. Sure, skiing is great, but my two attempts so far have shown me that I really need to take the time to learn properly – so some investment of time and money is needed! But snowshoe hiking is something else – just strap a tennis racquet to your feet, and off you go!

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